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Fantasy Fairy Dragons

Beaded, glittered, bejeweled dragons straight from the Fairy Realms! A perfect companion for faires, festivals (or everyday mischief-making!).

Above: The dragons were initially alarmed by the arrival of such tall, wingless creatures to their woods.

Above: Once they saw that we were only there to observe, they quickly warmed up to us and came to investigate our cameras.

Above: The two young even began to tussle with a dandelion!

Above: One dragon baby displaying for our camera.

Fairy dragons are wild creatures, but this specific dragon family has decided to leave their quiet fairy wood to live among men. They are very well-mannered and polite. They are house trained (no pooper-scoopers needed!), loved to be petted and scratched and admired (and people love to compliment you on them!), and will sit quietly on your shoulder for hours, whispering secrets into your ear or just silently keep watch. They never bite, eat very little, and love to go outside exploring!

 The baby dragon up for adoption measures approximately 12" long from nose to tail tip when laid straight, and stands about 4" high. The adult dragon stands approximately 10" high and measures 40" long. Both have gorgeous jeweled eyes, are made of a beautiful orange fabric (with a small, metallic silver "scale" pattern to it) over a bendable wire base- so they are fully poseable- arms, legs, tail, neck, body, wings, everything! Royal purple feather fluffs decorate their backs, as well as a beautiful red jewel. Gold glitter edges their wings, and three strands of sun-toned beads hang from their tails to catch the light and sparkle. A pin sewn onto the babies' belly helps her hang on to your shoulder, clothing, or hat (it is a bumpy ride, after all!), so you do not have to worry about her falling off during your romps. The adult dragon is better at holding on- just wind her tail around your neck. 

Please note that these dragons are extremely limited- we are not getting more!

Adoption fees (to good homes only!):
Small Baby Dragon: $70 plus shipping fees/insurance. *SOLD*
Large Dragon: $175 plus shipping fees/insurance. *SOLD*


Copyright Andrea Brink Christian 2003-2012