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Past Feather Pen Creations..

Feel free to browse through pictures of our past creations. The following items have all been sold, and are no longer available, but if you are looking to commission a unique pen, they may help you come up with a special idea!

Have your own feathered friend? We'll be happy to take on commissions using your birds' moulted feathers! Also a great way to memorialize a departed companion.

Winter Tree- LMT

A tall, bare, silvery-white tree stands alone in the middle of a winter forest. The sky overhead is an ominous, velvety gray; the promise of more snow to come?


Above: A naturally molted gray-brown goose wing feather features a hand-painted metallic silver-white winter tree. Three matching dots grace the tip of the feather. Fine silver wire overwraps the soft, pewter-gray leather covered handle, and a silvery, unused vintage Roeder Kugelzack Pen nib, perfect for fine writing, finishes this beautiful pen off. Pen measures approximately 11.5" long overall, and will be strictly limited to a series of five identical pens. $35. Entire set previously sold.

The feathers used in this pen were naturally moulted by our friends below, Gunther (left), and Gertie (right), two Pilgrim geese owned (and I believe spoiled!) by a friend of TCD. No birds were hurt to obtain these feathers.

"One"- limited to a series of 3

"All for one, and one for all"- the cry made famous by the Three Musketeers in Alexandre Dumas' book, as well as countless movies based from it. Originally written in 1844, The Three Musketeers tells the story of Porthos, Athos, Aramis and young D'Artagnan who set out to save King Louis XIII and Queen Anne from the evil Cardinal Richelieu. The story is also our inspiration for this feather pen.


"One" features a beautiful blue-dyed goose wing quill with a handpainted cross in dark antique and lighter sterling silver. The feather is edged in a matching sterling silver, and soft silver-gray leather and fine silver wire overwrap complete the handle. A vintage, unused, silvertone Hunt #100 Round Pointed pen nib (very fine tip) finishes off this lovely pen. Pen measures approximately 9.5" long overall (24cm). $35. All three are SOLD.

"Reflection of the Vampire" SOLD

Thunder booms, lighting sparks across the sky. You push open the heavy wooden doors
and walk inside. A thick, accented voice meets your ears..
"Good Evening.."
* * * * *

Above: RotV consists of a pitch-black dyed goose wing quill, with five garnet-red dyed pheasant body feathers surrounding it on the front and back.

Below: An upclose shot of the small glass mirror- great for seeing if someone has a reflection (human), or doesn't (vampire)- wrapped in tarnish-resistant silver wire, that adorns the base. Spiraled handle features a smooth black wrap and a C-6 style writing nib, perfect for fine, delicate writing. Pen measures 11 1/4" long overall, $39. SOLD.


Lady in Gray- OOAK, SOLD

A young maiden, a silver and pearl circlet upon her forehead, gently pushes a tree branch out of the way.
Through the leaves of the plants around her, she spots a luminous unicorn gently grazing in the forest clearing,
her horn of ivory and downy fur aglow in the sunlight. . .


Above: The Lady in Gray, resplendent in her shades of shimmery white, sterling silver, and pale gray.

Below Left & Middle: Close-ups of the top left, and bottom right scrollwork designs, handpainted by the Dragonmistress in beautiful iridescent white and metallic silver paint.

Below Right: A close-up of the gray genuine leather wrap, silver overwrap, sterling silver beads and pearl accents. A vintage, unused silvertone Hunt #100 round-pointed pen nib finishes the handle, making this pen great for Copperplate, Round Hand and Spencerian style calligraphy.
 Pen measures approximately 9.5" long overall. *Please note: the entire handle on this pen is only about 3" long. Recommended for people with smaller sized hands!* $45- SOLD.         


Below: The feathers used in this pen were naturally moulted by our friends below, Gunther (left), and Gertie (right), two Pilgrim geese owned (and I believe spoiled!) by a friend of TCD. No birds were hurt to obtain these feathers.

The Fire Fairy- OOAK- SOLD

Above: The Fire Fairy's long, graceful silhouette on her brilliant orange dyed goose wing quill.
Below Left: A close up of the goldtone fairy in her red and purple dress (when the light is not shining on her). Below Right: A close up of the fairy and her fire under bright light. The light hits the sparkles and makes them glow like embers from a fire. Beautiful!


Above: The smooth, dark red wrap of the handle with four colors of fine wire overwrap- red, pink, copper and gold. Red, orange, yellow, and gold glass seed beads finish the top of the handle, and a vintage, pewter-color steel Baignol & Farjon Polycopie writing nib makes htis pen perfect for fine writing. Pen measures approximately 12" long overall. $35. SOLD.

"Mon Amour" (My Love) - OOAK SOLD

MA would make a great gift for that special writer in your life,
or a wonderful pen for writing love notes and poetry!


     MA is made of a snow white goose wing quill, painted with lovely rose-pink, apple red, and metallic gold hearts and scrolls. Five aurora-borealis finish Swarvosky crystals adorn the painted area of the feather, and a sixth crystal finishes off the tip of the feather which ends in a small fan shape.

     MAM's handle features a smooth, apple red wrap with a fine copper wire overwrap. A vintage, unused Perry & Co. "Golden Fleece" writing nib finishes off the handle, and makes this pen perfect for calligraphy style writing. These pen nibs were probably made between 1856 and the early 1900's, and since there is no oxidation and they are all still so bright, they are probably gold plated (this would be consistent with the name as well). (Pen nib is a bright Gold color- shadows in the picture make the nib appear darker than it actually is). Pen measures approximately 10 ¼" long overall. $25. SOLD.

Black Bird - OOAK- SOLD

Corvids (Ravens, Crows, Magpies, Jackdaws & similar birds) are incredibly smart and beautiful birds,
and stories of them have been found in nearly every culture through history. Their magic was the inspiration for this pen.


BB features a flying Corvid, hand painted in antique silver and black on a genuine Crow wing feather. (This is not a simulated crow feather like the "Magic Cauldron" pen!) A twisted oval knot is painted in matching colors, and a dark Blue Goldstone star, two clear quartz stone chips, and two silver beads hang from a sterling silver pin at the base of the feather.
Genuine black leather decorates the handle, and fine silver wire over wraps the leather. A vintage, unused, blue-black colored Gillot #404F pen nib finishes off this spectacular pen. Pen measures approximately 10" long overall. $40. 


*Blue Goldstone: This magical stone shimmers with thousands of little "stars" as the light hits it. Truly a treat if you've never had the opportunity to see this stone in person. Blue Goldstone is said to be a stone of wisdom and science, teaching us to reach for the stars, and reminding us of the light within darkness. It is infused with copper sparkles, which are a powerful energy generator. 

*Quartz Crystal: A "stone of the mind", quartz can be used to imprint with any energy or information and helps to focus the mind, aides in concentration and enhances mental ability. It brings clarity and amplifies the energy and the aura. Quartz is highly useful in healing, in meditation and for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

*Ravens and Crows: Ravens and Crows represent magic, mystery, and sacred law as well as battle. A gathering of ravens is called an "unkindness," while a group of crows is a "murder." They are highly intelligent birds, and have been known to follow armies for many miles. In Native American Myth, Raven is a Creator/Trickster god. In Celtic lore, the raven is sacred to Badb (whose name means 'Battle Crow'), the Morrigan as well as Bran and Lugh. In Greek lore it is sacred to Hecate and Apollo among others. In Norse tradition, the two ravens who sit on the shoulders of Odin are called Huginn and Muninn (Mind and Memory). As guardians through the cycle of death and rebirth, the scintillating rainbow colors in their dark wings remind us that even in the midst of darkness we have the power to touch the light.   -

 The Magick Cauldron   -OOAK

 When you think of old-world witches, what do you picture? The color black, perhaps? Cats, ravens and crows, and bubbling cauldrons? We've combined this classic idea of what a "witch" is is for our inspiration in making The Magic Cauldron.  


MC is made from a beautiful, shapely, synthetic Raven wing quill (dyed goose wing quill), and features a small pewter-colored cauldron. Four small Swarvosky crystals are embedded in the cauldron's rising knotwork steam tendrils, and silver and iridescent glitter was added give it extra sparkle. Three real "moulted" black cat whiskers* adorn the base of the feather (they're just visible in the photo on the left). The handle features a smooth black wrap with fine silver wire overwrap, and a vintage, unused, gunmetal-blue colored fine-point Gillott 404F pen nib finishes off this lovely pen. Pen measures a little over 11.5" long (29.3 cm). $35.   *SOLD*


*Is 'moulted' the right word? Either way, these whiskers were dropped naturally by my two beautiful kitties, Bast (left- a.k.a. The Nose), and Sekhmet (right and far right- a.k.a. The Holy Terror). I do not pull out my cat's whiskers to use them! (Trust me, if I had tried, I would have come out much worse for the wear than them!)

"Believe"- OOAK Commissioned 5-Piece Set

"Believe" is a custom-made, one-of-a-kind feather pen made to match a Book of Shadows already owned by the recipient. When working on the design for this set, I was told to make it "look old" to match the book,  so I set out to create something special.


"Believe" is made using a vintage (pre-1950's) parchment-colored goose wing quill, a two-toned silver triquetra and knot work were carefully hand painted up it's length, and seven aurora-borealis finish crystals embellish it as well. Pure white genuine rabbit fur adorns the base of the feather, and a small silver "Believe" charm hangs beneath. Soft silver-gray genuine leather and fine silver wire overwrap finish off the writing handle, and a vintage, unused silver-plated Barion Pen Co. writing nib finishes the handle. It was easy to make this pen look old, when some it's components already were decades old. 


Along with the pen, a matching silver and black pen stand (with a triquetra knot and one Swarvosky crystal), and three matching glass ink bottles- Midnight Black, Antique Gold, and Sterling Silver- each with matching triquetra label. OOAK Commissioned Set- Not For Sale.

Black Gold- OOAK Commissioned Set

"Black Gold" was designed to remember the beautiful Celtic knot work patterns of years ago, while still giving the pen a more streamlined and modern feel.


Made using a midnight black dyed goose wing quill, "Black Gold" is carefully hand painted with an intertwining metallic gold knotwork design. Genuine soft black leather and gold tone wire overwrap finish the handle. Features a standard gold and silver-tone Speedball C-6 style writing nib, which is perfect for fine, calligraphy-style writing. Pen measures approximately 12.5" long. A hand decorated 2" jar of dark purple ink, complete with goldtone wire and knotwork beads, and a single, dark purple flourite stone bead went with the pen. Commissioned Set- Not For Sale.


Purchased with our Rose Pheasant pen (below), this ink jar was commissioned to match the pen as a set. 2" glass jar of burgundy-red ink decorated with copper wire and one of TCD's Gray 'opals'. Commissioned Set- Jar not for sale.


Celestial- OOAK - SOLD

Celestial was made to celebrate that perfect moment in the morning where the stars are still twinkling as the dark blue sky melts into a warm yellow, and the sun is just starting to rise on the horizon.


Celestial's primary feather is a Blue and Gold macaw wing feather. A smaller B&G macaw wing feather and small iridescent peacock body feather join it to form the night "sky." Seven small handpainted gold stars adorn the upper half of the feather, and each is set with a small Swarvosky crystal in the center to twinkle and shine. One of TCD's own handmade 'opals' decorates the base of the feathers- a bright Desert Sand one- that sparkles in gold and bronze tones. The "eyelashes" of the peacock feather spray outward from the opal, mimicking the sun's warming rays.

Soft black genuine leather and a bright blue fine wire overwrap decorate the handle, and a vintage, unused, gunmetal-blue colored Gillott 404F pen nib, perfect for fine writing, finishes off this lovely pen. Celestial would be perfect for your favorite sketchbook, journal, book of shadows, or for "enlightening" stationary and cards. Pen measures approx. 11" long overall, or about 28 cm. $40. **SOLD.** (This pen is much more beautiful in person, our pictures don't do it justice!)

"The Hedge Maze" OOAK

Above: The DragonMistress' little barn owl stands guard over The Hedge Maze pen.

Below: Close-up of the silver wire wrapped handle, four silk ivy leaves, two snow-white secondary feathers, six silver stars, and glass bead embellishments.

Below: The primary feather, complete with a scrawling maze, which took about four hours to paint. Features a standard C-5 style writing nib, which is great for fine calligraphy-style writing. Pen approx. 11" (28 cm) long overall. Not for sale.

"The Phoenix" OOAK- SOLD

Above: A trio of flame-colored feathers make up The Phoenix pen, while gold, copper, and red glitter continue the flame pattern.

Below: An up-close shot of the feathers; the golden phoenix, the flame pattern, and the three glittery dots that beautify the tip of each feather.

Below: A close-up of the flame design at the base of the feather, and our handmade "Flash Fire Red" opal that adorns it. Smooth black wrapped handle with raised spiral design, and a standard C-5 style nib, which is great for fine calligraphy-style writing. Pen approximately 12 3/4" long overall, $35. SOLD.

"Amethyst Royalty"

Above: The single, royal-purple dyed goose quill and glittery, scrolling designs remind us of the diamonds, pearls, and royal robes a queen wears.

Below: Up close shots of Andrea's handpainted design on the feather. Irridescent glitter over the paint adds to the sparkle of the feather. (Glitter does not show well in photographs- there is a soft twinkle of pastel glitter over the white paint.)


Below: Our first feather to feature a wrapped ribbon handle! A close-up shot of the smooth white wrapped handle with sheer white ribbon overlay wrap. The C-6 style calligraphy nib's fine point is perfect for delicate scripting. (The wrapping on the handle is a gorgeous pure white color. It did not photograph well.) Pen measures approximately 12 1/2" overall, $35. AR is truly fit for a queen!

"Whisper of White"   OOAK

This pen is the second one I've made to keep for myself, to go along with a story I'm writing, A Whisper of White. The pen is made of a white goose wing quill, soft pewter-grey colored leather wrapped with silver wire and beadwork make up the handle, it has a C-5 style calligraphy writing nib, and is 12 3/4" long overall. Not for sale.


"The Court Musician"- OOAK

Above: Like the red rose placed atop a modern grand piano, this pen is meant to be placed across a smaller version; an old wooden virginal owned by our friend and fellow faire-goer, Master Gary Schwartz. The large peacock feather is nicely backdropped by the royal purple ostrich plume, and features a small, silver piano charm wrapped with the wire at the base of the feather.

Below: Close ups of the silver piano charm and dark blue wire wrapping that matches the peacock eye. The handle is wrapped in genuine black leather and features two writing pieces- a first for TCD. A thin ink resevoir was placed inside the pen handle, allowing Gary to quickly and easily write his music notes down and continue playing, without having to have an ink bottle nearby. The writing nib was placed over the ink reserve to hide it from view and keep with the period-look of the pen. Pen measures approximately 16" long overall, and is about 8" wide, though the bottom wisps of the ostrich feather plume measure 15" across when laid flat. This pen was a gift and is not for sale.


The Pink Bubble Fairy- OOAK- SOLD

Above: The Pink Bubble Fairy Pen.

Below: Close-ups of the fairy. Handpainted by TheDragonMistress in silver and gold tones, with a touch of glitter over the delicate wings. The fairy plays with three small Swarvosky crystal "bubbles", and two of TCD's handmade White Unicorn style opals carry on the playful bubble theme.


Below: An upclose shot of the silver-twisted, smooth white wrapped handle. A fine C-6 Calligraphy writing nib finishes the pen. Pen measures approximately 11" long overall. $40. SOLD. (Entire handle is a pure white color- shadows in the photo make it appear miscolored.)

The Green Iridescent Peacock- OOAK- SOLD

Above: Pure peacock! The Green Iridescent Peacock, brother to The Blue Peacock pen (below), is made of a wing feather (black with the irridescent green sheen up the left side), two tail feathers (brown and gray barred), and a harder-to-find sword-eye tail feather. All are from black-shouldered peacocks (below), and were naturally moulted. No birds were hurt to obtain these feathers.

Below Left: Close-up of the four feathers used in the pen (you can just see the green sheen on the black feather).
Below Middle: The handle is covered in genuine black leather, metallic green and blue overwrap, and features a vintage, unused silvertone Roeder Kugelzack #53 pen nib, and a goldtone finding.
Below Right: Close-up of the metallic green, bronze, blue, and black glass seed beads, the larger metallic green and blue aurora-borealis finish glass bead, goldtone findings, and three aurora-borealis finished austrian crystals. Pen measures approximately 14.75" long overall. $45. SOLD.


The Blue Peacock- OOAK- SOLD

Above: Pure Peacock! The Blue Peacock pen, sister to TGIP (above), is made of a wing feather (brown-grey mottled), two tail feathers (brown and grey barred), and  an eye-feather. All of these feathers are from black-shouldered peacocks (above), and were naturally moulted. No birds were hurt to obtain these feathers.

Below Left: Close-up of the feathers used in the pen.
Below Middle: One of TCD's handmade Peacock style 'opals' adorns the handle- these look absolutely gorgeous out in the sunlight. They sparkle with amethyst, royal blue, and emerald-colored flashes.
Below Right: Genuine black leather and metallic blue overwrap accentuate the blue peacock eye of this pen. A vintage, unused bronze-tone Roeder Kugelzack #53 pen nib finishes this pen. Measures approximately 11.5" long overall. $40. SOLD.


"Autumn Wedding"- OOAK

Above: "Autumn Wedding" pen made on commission with the bride's colors in mind.
Below: A close-up of the main feather with intricate gold-red and sage colored handpainted scrollwork designs. (This photo is dead-on for the actual color of the pen. The coloring is off on the other pictures- please refer to them for details only.)

Below Left: A close-up of the secondary feather, complete with bride and groom's initials and the date of their wedding, and two of TCD's handmade gray 'opals.'
Below Right: Close-up of the handle of the pen. Features a soft black leather wrap with copper and silver wire overwrap, and a goldtone writing nib with a hidden ink insert for ease of use. Used for the guestbook signing. Pen measures approximately 14" long overall. $55. SOLD.

"Black Widow"

Above: The Black Widow pen in all her poisonous glory.

Below: The Lady herself, sitting on her silver "spider web" that runs down the handle. (She is a clean silver color, though she did not photograph well.) Features a standard C-5 style writing nib, which is great for fine calligraphy-style writing. Pen approx. 10.5" (27 cm) long overall. $35.

Gothic Rose- OOAK- SOLD.

Above: Gothic Rose is truly enchanting. Her barbed scrollwork design is reminiscent of a wild rose vine and its sharp thorns.
Below Left: A close-up of the gold-tone vinework growing up the center of the garnet-red pheasant feather. These gorgeous feathers, with their great black ticking and stripes, are very hard to find and therefore rather expensive. (Our last auction of 3 of these feathers-not painted and unaltered in any way- online sold for almost $30!)
Below Right: GR's handle features smooth black wrap, raspberry colored wire overwrap, and a vintage, gunmetal gray Baignol & Farjon Polycopie fine point writing nib. GR would make a wonderful gift for any lover of the macabre, or keep it for yourself. Measures approximately 17" long. $50.




Here's a few larger pictures of Jareth's pen, for those of you who have asked. I hope they're clear enough to help- they've been posting fuzzy lately for some reason.. As a reminder, this pen HAS been sold already- Jareth is a lovely chap who lives in England, I believe. (No, really!)



Copyright Andrea Brink Christian 2003-2012