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Forum Home > Announcements & New Items > New linings for leather mugs available soon?

Site Owner
Posts: 43

We are currently investigating and experimenting with several possible new lining materials for our leather mugs and steins.


Traditionally, the only materials that were available to line (waterproof and seal) the inside of mugs were either beeswax, which is very soft and easily damaged, and pine pitch, which has a very strong pine smell and taste that is present for a good while. Both of these materials cannot be used with very cold (iced) drinks, or used with hot drinks like coffee or hot cider. Both linings can easily be cracked by extreme temperatures and stress, so if you accidently squash your mug or accidently leave it in the car on a hot or cold day, your cup is essentially useless.


Our goal is to find the best lining material we can use to create the ultimate leather mug- one that can be used for iced beverages on the hot days at Faire, and can also be used for a hot cup of coffee or mulled wine on the cooler mornings and nights at Faire.


The lining we are experimenting most with (and have the best hopes for) would enable us to produce a cup or mug that:

* is able to be used for iced, room temperature, or hot liquids

* has no aftertaste or lingering smell
* has an essentially damage proof lining-
                    - the lining will not be damaged if your cup is accidently sat on, squeezed, ect, (there always seems to be someone who sees your neat leather mug and wants to squeeze it to "test" the lining inside)

                    - the lining will not be damaged by hot/cold liquids or by extreme temperatures such as being left in a hot/cold car
                    - the lining cannot be easily scratched the way wax and pitch can.


So keep an eye out in the Announcements section in the upcoming months regarding this new material/s- we are hoping to have some exciting news to share with everyone!





September 5, 2009 at 11:59 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Site Owner
Posts: 43

We are getting closer to being able to introduce our new mug lining!


We have narrowed the field down to one mixture we will be working with exclusively- we will still continue to offer the beeswax and pitch linings of days gone by, but we think everyone will be blown away by the versitility this new lining will offer.


We are still in the "experimental" stages of our new product: are testing out color options and its ability to hold up to accidental scratches, being sat on, ect, but we are very pleased with it so far.


And best of all- mugs lined with this stuff will be able to be used for HOT or COLD drinks! You can have steaming hot cider on cold days, and iced drinks on the hot days!


Keep your eyes peeled for our big announcement once it's available!



September 28, 2009 at 2:35 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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