PYO Pythons PYO Pythons This is a new coloring I call Copper Rose. Only ten will be made, each signed and numbered by the artist. 40618941 Copper Rose- Signed Bottom & Tag Here is the signed felt pad (white is only available on the snakes I paint myself. All production snakes are sold with black felt pads). 40619090 Copper Rose- Side belly shot This shot shows more of the golden blushing on the belly, as well as the slanted, Spider-like dorsal stripe. 40619249 Copper Rose- gold blushing overall This photo was taken with brighter lighting, and shows the overall gold blushing better than the normal photos. 40619250 This beauty was modeled after an Emerald Tree Boa. 50989684 Emerald's Stripes A very striking paint in person- this is probably my favorite besides the black and tan ball pythons. 50989685 Emerald's Eyes These custom gold and black speckled eyes were carefully researched to mimic a real ETB's eyes. 50989686 Emerald, Top View Showing off her nice yellow scales and white stripes. 50989687 Angelique's Ruby Eyes Her eyes are not to be confused with albino pink eyes- these are a darker ruby red and are very striking. 50989835 Angelique A lovely little girl, painted in the traditional ball python pattern in shades of metallic peach, bubblegum pink, and pale golden yellow. 50989833 Angelique #1 of 10 Here she is showing off her head patterning. She was painted after the tulip flowers with the same name. The #1 cast (shown) has been sold. 50989834 Normal Ball Python This is probably my favorite coloring along with Emerald. They are so lifelike its amazing! 50990728 High Contrast Albino Ball Python This is a high contrast albino- the white is brigher and the yellows deeper than a normal albino. 50990760 Super Cinnamon This is a beautiful snake that is solid black with a grayish belly and chin. It is rarely produced, only two varieties of ball pythons can be bred to get this color. 50990610 Super Cinnamon top view Top view, the black scales look amazing on him. 50990611 Coral Glow This is a lovely REAL snake coloration, bred by New England Reptile Distributers: 50990754