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Butterbeer Recipes - Harry Potter- Wizarding World - Hogwarts


Yes! You can finally have this tasty treat at home!! You no longer need to Apparate to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park or the Three Broomsticks just to have a frosty mug!

We are excited to announce the launch of our very own recipes for this delicious drink, and we are including both non-alcoholic and "adult" versions ! The recipes feature easy to find ingredients (no syrup of newt required!), and are easy to make (no tedious candy thermometers and boiling of ingredients for us!)

We've already sold out twice on Ebay and our Etsy auctions are going fast too! So don't be the last to get to try Butterbeer in your class!

All 3 recipes - $3.00

(Free delivery by email. Sorry, Owl post not available at this time)

What email address do you want the recipes emailed to?

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