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Coming Soon!

The Goblin Cookbook

“An Unofficial Collection of recipes from the Goblins, Pixies, Sprites, and Fae of the Underground Realm.”

This wonderful little themed cookbook features over twenty dishes such as Sun Dried Vulture Jerky,
Peach Pie, Shish-kebobbed Rat, Sandy Buns, Cream of Flea Soup, and many more!
(Warning: some recipes, such as Worm and Grub Salad, are from goblin kitchens and may not be suitable for human consumption!)

Each scrapbook-style cookbook is made using acid-free, heavyweight papers, sheer vellum papers, and acid-free inks,
and features woodblock-style images, hand-stamped from the originals drawn and carved by Andréa.

Commoner’s Version: 
            Measures approximately 6x8” and is professionally bound with a covered, semi-hardback
cover. Spiral bound pages lay flat for ease of use in the kitchen!

King’s Version:
            Measures approximately 5x8” and is professionally bound with a fabric-covered, hardback cover. Bound dividing
sheets of paper separate and protect each stamped page. King's version features gold-leaf accents,
additional blank recipe pages for your favorite recipes, and is signed by Andrea.

            Please note: occasionally our supplier makes changes to their books without notice.
While generally minimal, we will keep any changes posted here as soon as we learn of them.
Any external changes will not affect the content or quality of each cookbook.

Cookie Cutters..

Coming Soon!

Handmade Copper Dragon Cookie Cutters!


 Circle Dragon                                                          Feather                                                              Flying Dragon

Greenman/Goblin                                              Feathered Mask

Blank Greeting Cards

Ready for your own message inside! Each design is available stamped in Black, Green, or Brown, and is
available on either white or cream/parchment paper. Each set of six blank cards comes with matching
blank envelopes. Please specify ink color, paper color, and design (shown above) when ordering.
Set of Six 4x6" cards and envelopes:   $10.00
Set of Six 5x7" cards and envelopes:   $12.00

Greeting Cards with a Message

Same design, ink color, and paper options as above, with a message stamped inside in matching ink color.
Specify ink color, paper color, design (shown above), and interior message when ordering.
Messages available:
Merry Christmas     Happy Holidays     Happy Birthday     Thinking of You     Thank You 
Set of Six 4x6" cards and envelopes:   $13.00
Set of Six 5x7" cards and envelopes:   $15.00


Deluxe Greeting Cards

A beautiful set of six greeting cards, stamped with your choice of design (shown above),
with coordinating paper edging, and your choice of interior message in matching ink. Stamped
designs available in Black, Green, or Brown. Available in 5x7" size, white paper only. Comes with six blank envelopes. 
Specify ink color, stamp design (shown above), and interior message/edging colors when ordering.
Messages/edgings available:
Merry Christmas (assorted patterned red and green edging - shown below)
Happy Holidays (your choice of two colors for edging)
Happy Birthday (assorted balloon/present patterns)
Thinking of You (your choice of two colors for edging)
Thank You (your choice of two colors for edging)

Set of Six 5x7" cards and envelopes:    $18.00


 ..and Stamps


White Stamp Kit

Design, draw, and carve your very own stamps! Incredibly easy to do-
just draw your design on paper with an ordinary pencil, press the image (graphite side down)
onto the stamp surface, and start carving! Finished image will stamp facing the direction you drew it,
so you never have to worry about backwards text or designs. And, as the package says, this stuff
“cuts like butter”- no dangerously tough linoleum blocks to carve! 
Starter Kit comes with a 4x4” stamp block, carving handle and 3 assorted carving blades.
Blades store neatly inside handle.

                Starter Kit:   $25.00
                Refill Stamp Block (4x4”):    $6.00
                Refill Stamp Block (4x6”):   $10.00


Gray Stamp Kit

Works the same way as our white stamp kit (above), but this material carves up a
little firmer. This type of stamp is great for more experienced carvers, or for those
who want a longer-lasting stamp that can accept more detail. Works best if finished
stamp is glued to a hard backer, such as wood. "E6000" Glue works great for this.
Starter Kit comes with a 4x6” stamp block, carving handle and 3 assorted carving blades.
Blades store neatly inside handle.

                Starter Kit:   $25.00
                Refill Stamp Block (4x6”):   $4.00
                Refill Stamp Block (7x9”):   $9.00



Copyright Andrea Brink Christian 2003-2012