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Stamped Pendants and Charms!

Solid metal pendants hand-stamped with your choice of names!
A variety of shapes and metals to choose from!


Gemstone Crystal Jewelry 

Custom made, handcrafted copper jewelry

     Unless otherwise noted, all of our items are 100% hand-crafted from high quality solid copper. Because the metal is solid, and not plated, you can be sure to enjoy your jewelry for years to come. But why copper? Copper has a beautiful color and a warm glow that is rivaled by no other metal. Also, this metal reacts beautifully with the natural oils of your skin to create a truly one-of-a-kind color and pattern. We have had everything ranging from a rainbow-hued color to a beautiful sunset-red, and even a shiny, gun-metal blue form on our pieces. Of course, you can still keep that warm copper color by simply cleaning your jewelry piece when it becomes dull.

     When we say "100% hand-crafted," we mean it- every detail is done by hand. On the handsawn pieces, we draw then saw out the design, sand any rough edges and burrs away, and finish the piece with two different rounds of polishing. Sawn necklaces take around 7-12 hours of work a piece or more! For the wire necklaces, we hand shape the wire, and add any beads or "opals" desired. And any of the opals on these pieces are also hand made, right here at TCD. We pay an incredible amount of attention to detail to make your custom jewelry.    


Jewelry Design

Handsawn Necklaces

     For handsawn necklaces, pick a shape below, and email me with your idea. I'll email you your finished design to approve before I begin work on your piece.

     Below: Raw copper shapes, ready to be cut or engraved, and polished. Polishes to a beautiful shine, or can be sanded to a beautiful frosted apperance.

Butterfly- approx. 2" x 2"


Cross- approx. 2" x 1"          Oval- approx. 2" x 1"


Circle- approx. 1.5" across          Heart- approx. 1" x 1"   


Wire Necklaces

     For wire necklaces, email us with your idea or have us make a custom piece for you. Ask for a complete list of colors of opals available, pictures of a few are shown below.

Torc Style Bracelets & Necklaces

Our new Celtic/Roman Torc inspired bracelets and necklaces are made with 100% copper wire, hand twisted to form this beautiful style. Classy enough to be worn on an evening out, but great for everyday wear too. Also available made with goldtone wire (brass), and silvertone wire (usually aluminum). Can be made in the thinner style (shown below, 1/4" wide), or in a thicker style (3/8" or 1/2" wide). Great for either men or women. Wrist/hand measurement needed when ordering (measure around the widest part of your wrist/hand). Bracelets ship in velvet bag and gift box (while available).


Price Estimations

     Price will be determined by the size and complication of your choosen design. Most handsawn 1" pendants range in the area of $35 US to $45 US. Most handsawn 2" pendants range around $50-75 US. Wire necklaces vary greatly, again, depending on the complication of the design. Most range between $20-35. Our new Torc style bracelets will usually range between $40-60, and our Torc style necklaces between $60-90, depending on complexity and size.

       You are more than welcome to email us with any questions you have- we can give you a price quote if you have an idea of what design and size item you would like.


Finished Pieces


Torc Style Bracelets & Necklaces

Hand-sawn necklaces

     Unfortunately, the scanners do not show the beautiful colors of these necklaces. The Dragon Shield has a wonderful red-pink sheen to it, the Wolf is currently rainbow-hued, and the Circle Dragon is a brilliant copper-gold color. The beautiful thing about copper is you can return it to that "new" shine with just a swipe of cleaner, and watch the beautiful shades reappear over a few short weeks. (Of course, a weekly cleaning will keep it sparkly and new looking!)

DragonMistress' Dragon Shield  necklace. Retired design. Approx. 1" x 1".


Webmaster's Howling Wolf Pendant. Retired design. Approx. 1" x 1.5".


DragonMistress' Circle Dragon, attached to small pouch. Retired design. Approx. 1.5" x 1.5".


Wire Necklaces

     A few of our finished wire necklaces, and pictures of some of our opals...
Order any wire piece made with TCD's opals and you choose your color! Wire choices include copper, goldtone (a heavier weight wire), and silvertone (a lighter weight wire).


     Above: Two 1.5" round necklaces made with our Winter Frost Opals. The left necklace was made to enhance the stone, the necklace on the right was designed to protect and secure the stone. $20 each. Choose your stone color.



Above Left: The necklace on the left is approximately 3" long, top to bottom, and features two clear irridescent glass beads, one irridescent frosted bead, two white star beads, and a sterling silver "believe" charm. $25. Necklace Pictured Has Sold- another can be made upon request.
Above Right: The pendant on the right is about 1" long, top to bottom, and highlights one of our Winter Frost Opals. A pair of these could easily be made into earrings. $10 each, or $18 for a ready-to-wear earring set. Choose your stone color.


Above: Approximately 4" wide by 3" tall, this Mask necklace base features three of our Peacock Blue Opals. $40. Choose your stone color.


Above: This 2" x 1" Feather necklace also features one of our Peacock Blue Opals. Looks great worn with a low-cut top or blouse. $25. Choose your stone color.


Above: This stunning Fire Drop necklace features three of our opals- Pomegranate, Flash Fire Orange, and Copperstone. $35. Choose your stone colors.


Above: A pair of Opal Drop pendants with Turquoise opals made into a pair of earrings. $10 per pendant, or $18 for ready-to-wear earring set. Choose your stone color.


Above: A Star Necklace made as a custom order. Features two of TCD's White Unicorn opals, two Star opals, one ingraved silvertone "Believe" charm, and a blue goldstone cabochon. Made with silvertone wire. $45. Available in blue/silver (pictured). SOLD. Another can be made upon request.


Triplet Rays
A new design, this one reminds me of the center of a hurricane or tornado, shown with one of our handmade Peacock Blue 'opals' as the eye, and spiraled gold wire arms reaching out from the center. Handmade with gold-tone wire, $45. Choose your stone color.


Opal Colors

     All of our opals are handmade and absolutely look stunning in any light. Each boasts hundreds of tiny flashes; smaller than the fire of natural opals, but more numerous and just as gorgeous. Our pictures are a little blurry- these really must be seen in person to appreciate. At TCD we can make almost any color opal you would like, but here are a few beauties that we love...



Above: A few of our Ocean Blue Opals;
medium blue with pale blue & white sparkles.


Above: Two of our Samhain Black Opals;
black with gold & green flashes.



Above: A few pictures of our Peacock Blue Opals;
dark blue with varied purple, blue, & green fire. TCD's favorite variation!


Above: A pair of Turquoise opals;
aqua with varied blue and green flashes.


Above: Two of our luscious Emerald Isle Opals;
green with green & gold flashes.


Above: Two of our Amethyst Opals;
purple with pale purple, pale green, & gold flashes.


Above: One of our Winter Frost Opals next to one of our Copperstone Opals;
white with sharp iridescent sparkles, bronze with copper flashes.


Above: Our White Unicorn opals;
white with varied soft iridescent flashes. Very similar to natural white opals, but brighter white in color.

Above: A pair of Pomegranate opals;
dark fuchsia-pink with flashes.


Above: An English Rose and a Sol opal;
pale pink with varied pink flashes, orange with yellow & orange flashes.


Above: At last! A good picture of one of our beautiful Gray opals!
These are a dark, stormy gray color with bright red, orange, yellow, gold, and green flashes of fire.
Out of all of TCD's created 'opals', this color (along with our White Unicorns) is the one I am most pleased with. They truly are
beautiful- very very similar to the fine black opals on the market!


Above: A real white opal next to one of our Winter Frost, Peacock, and Gray Opals. You can tell between the white opals how close ours are to the real thing! (Sorry guys, I don't have any natural blue or natural black opals to scan, but feel free to look for pictures online and compare!)


Opal Grab-Bag

Make your own jewelry? Why not include some of our opals? You'll recieve a mixed bag of 10 Opals (our choice of colors & sizes). Sizes may include: 9mm round, 11 mm round, 13 mm round, 10x14 mm oval, 20x14mm oval, and even the occasional monster 20x30 mm oval! Colors can include any of the ones shown above, plus some new colors! $20 per bag of 10 opals.



OOAK Jewelry

From time to time we make unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and put them up for sale.
Keep an eye out- new pieces can be added at any time, and others sold!

Eye of Bast-

Modeled after Egypt’s great black and gold statues of the cat goddess Bast, this pendant will lend you a
majestic air of femininity. EoB features one of TCD’s beautiful Gray ‘opals,’ which shimmers
in beautiful red, copper, and cool green sparkles against a metallic gray field- much prettier than their
natural counterparts! Entirely handmade, EoB is initialed and dated on the back. Mixed media pendant
measures approximately 1” long by ¾” wide, and will be delivered threaded on a simple black satin cord. $30.

Opal color preferred


Copyright Andrea Brink Christian 2003-2012