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Faery Dust Vials

     Perfect for the lady on the go who wants a bit of sparkle in her life. Available in two sizes; assorted, large glass bottles, and 1" plastic vials for travel.



Above: A large 3" x 3" glass jar full of iridescent white glitter.


Large Glass Bottles

     Enough faery dust to keep even the most glittery of people happy! As always, fully customizable- you choose your favorite bottle (below), pick any color of glitter (shown at the bottom of the page), and we'll make it for you. We use only the highest-quality, fine-grain glitter available- not that large gaudy craft stuff sold elsewhere. Each bottle comes with a matching ribbon, a lock of silvery "hair" (is it a unicorn's mane?), and beaded accents. Over 40 oz. of glitter comes with each jar. $17 each, plus shipping.


Above: A 3" x 3" Square bottle, a 2" x 4" Apothecary bottle, and a 3" x 3" Triangle bottle.

Below: A 3" x 3" Half-Moon Bottle, a 3" x 4" Tall Round bottle, and a 2" x 4" Pyramid bottle.


**Please note: Our glass bottles apparently do not photograph well. Every bottle we use is crystal clear- not cloudy or tinted as they appear in these pictures.**


Small Plastic Vials

     Perfect for your pocket or purse! Each 1" vial is filled with glitter for faces, body, or crafts. Order individually and choose from the currently available colors listed immediately below, or order 3 vials, all one color, and choose from the larger list at the bottom of the page. Vials are $3 each, or 3 for $8, plus shipping.

Currently available:

Iridescent white (fg), Metallic Silver, Metallic Green, Metallic Red, Glow-in-the-Dark (fg), and Metallic Gold.

Glitter Colors

Unless otherwise noted, all glitters are fine-grained.

(fg) indicates very fine-grained glitter.

(lg) indicates large-grained glitter.

In general, Iridescent glitters are transparent, Metallics are not. Descriptions are written by a few mixes to further describe colors.


 White Iridescent

 White Iridescent (lg)

 Metallic Silver

 Yellow Iridescent (fg)

 Yellow Iridescent (lg)

 Metallic Gold

 Metallic Brass

 Metallic Champagne

 Metallic Starbright (Silver and Pastels with stars) 

 Metallic Gold & Silver Mix

 Light Green Iridescent (fg)

 Light Green Iridescent

 Light Green Iridescent (lg)

 Metallic Christmas Mix (Green, Red, and a bit of Gold)

 Metallic Gold & Green

 Metallic Green

 Metallic Aqua

 Teal Iridescent

 Metallic Mixed Brights (Blues, Purple, and Greens)

 Blue Iridescent Mix with Stars

 Metallic Sky Blue

 Metallic Turquoise

 Sapphire Blue Iridescent

 Metallic Royal Blue

 Metallic Purple

 Purple Iridescent

 Periwinkle Iridescent (lg)

 Periwinkle Iridescent

 Periwinkle Iridescent (fg)

 Light Lavender Iridescent (fg)

 Light Lavender Iridescent

 Light Lavender Iridescent (lg)

 Lavender Iridescent Mix with Stars

 Metallic Lavender

 Metallic Pink 

 Light Pink Iridescent (fg)

 Light Pink Iridescent

 Light Pink Iridescent (lg)

 Fuchsia Iridescent

 Metallic Fuchsia

 Metallic Crimson

 Metallic Red

 Metallic Copper

 Glow-In-The-Dark Iridescent (fg) (Glow glitter mixed with Iridescent White)

 Metallic Hologram (Silver Glitter that sparkles in different colors)

 Metallic Black

 Metallic Multi-Mix (Silver and Black with Rainbow colors)

 Metallic Mixed Pastels (Mainly Pink, Purple, Green and Silver)

 Rose Iridescent with Stars

 Choose any 3 colors listed above and we'll make your custom mix! For large glass bottles only.


Decorated Glass Bottles

These decorated glass bottles are perfect for holding your favorite perfume, body lotion, writing ink, or anything else you would like. Bottles marked with "OOAK" are one-of-a-kind, and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. All others can be ordered normally, at any time. Email us if you would like to purchase any of our decorated bottles.


Currently available:


''The Butterfly’s Reverie'' -Sold

     OOAK. Permanently etched with a butterfly on the front, this lovely glass bottle also features copper wire detailing, one iridescent and two frosted glass beads, and an irridescent accent at the top. Would also look lovely filled with Lavender, Periwinkle, or Green iridescent glitter. Approximately 3" tall, 3" wide, and 1" thick. Sold empty, $15. SOLD.


''Death’s Grin''

Ahoy, mateys! This bottle 'twould be perfect for a private stash o' yar favorite drink when sailing the high seas! 


Front: "Poison"                                                      Back: A Skull

     Permanently etched from the DragonMistress's own hand-cut stencils, with "Poison" on the front, and a skull on the back, so you will never forget what's in this bottle. Tied with a blood-red ribbon as a warning. Approximately 3" tall, 3" wide, and 1" thick. Sold empty, $30. ARR! 

     **Dressing up as a pirate? This bottle also looks great tied to your belt with a loop of leather lacing or cord. Sure to be noticed at this year's event! (Underage pirate? Fill it with apple juice- looks just as good on your belt!)**

Love Potion Number Nine”

Permanently etched from TCD's DragonMistress's own stencils with a "No. #9" in a beautiful handwritten-style font, a pale pink ribbon adorns the neck. Fill this bottle with your favorite perfume, lotion, or glitter, and maybe it will work some magic! Approximately 3.5" tall and 1.5" wide this bottle also makes a great recepticle for writing inks. A great finishing touch for any magician, wizard, witch, or gypsy costume! Sold empty, $15.


Coming Soon:

 ''Egyptian Sands''


“Slime, Snails, and Puppy-dog Tails”


Copyright Andrea Brink Christian 2003-2012