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WINTER SALE! Both sizes of stuffed dragons are on sale! See below for details!

Our Shoulder Dragons and Lap Dragons are individually made for each customer's order; every dragon is customized for free!* Choose your colors or patterns, and choose from over 40 pairs of high-quality handpainted glass eyes, or have us make you a custom pair! (See the bottom of the Latex Dragons page for just a few of our many available eyes.)
Pricing guidelines and additional info on each size is listed at the bottom of the page.
Customizing Options Not Included in Basic Prices:
*Extra limbs, extra sewn horns, tail adaptations (forked, double-tailed, ext), feathers, jewels, ext. (Though we'd be happy to add anything extra to make your dragon how you want, just ask!)

Shoulder Dragons

This is Die Konighoheitsvoll Dame, or 'Dame,' for short. (Her name roughly translates into 'the regal queen.') She was born on August 24, 2003, and she accompanies Andrea to many of the faires she travels to. (That's Andrea she's sitting on.) She is a loyal companion and friend.

Top and side scans of Dame. She sits about 4" high on your shoulder, and measures approximately 16" long from nose to tail when measured straight, and has a 17.5" wingspan. This little girl only weighs .15 pounds- about as much as two rolls of Lifesavers candies! An internal magnet gives her a firm grip and she never falls off my shoulder.

An enlarged picture of the special black and gold eyes we used for Dame. They are 24 Karat gold-backed to catch and reflect the sunlight, and they really shine!



This handsome little fellow is called Caradoc. (We were able to get a photo of
Dame enjoying his company for a short while before he was sent to his new home.) 
He now lives with Louise in Scotland, and is a loyal protector and friend.

Caradoc has a beautiful, mossy-green mottled body and a suede-finish, plum-colored plated belly
designed by Andrea. A row of spines line his back, and each finger and toe is finished with tiny nails.

Lap Dragons

Above: A green scaled dragon who refuses to share his birth name with the Dragon Mistress. He measures approximately 36" long nose to tail, stands 12" tall, has a 26.5" wingspan, and weighs about 1 pound. He is approximately 7-8 years old, and resides with the Dragon Mistress. (He only sticks around for her homemade cheesecakes, we suspect!) He may also be seen accompanying the Dragon Mistress to faires (again, for the cheesecake-on-a-stick).

A close-up of the green dragon's face. He has handpainted avocado green and earth brown alligator-style eyes.


This is Andromeda. She currently resides in Michigan with a human man, his wife, and child. She is a beautiful night-sky blue color with small silver "stars" interspersed. She measures approximately 34" long overall, stands 10" high, and has a 26" wingspan. She is approximately 5-6 years old.


This fierce little boy recently made his home in Scotland, and we are awaiting word of his new name. With the help of his forked (and spiked!) tail, he will valiantly (and viciously!) guard his new mistress' couch against any whom he feels should not be allowed to sit there. His skin is black with dark gray circular scales, his belly is plated black, and his wings and spine ridges are a stormy gray. Copper-rimmed lime green eyes really catch your attention.

Below: His wings feature lightning bolts embroidered in metallic silver, blue, and
glow-in-the-dark threads. His teeth also glow in the dark.



This big boy is Kain. He resides with Andrea, who has to keep him in line (he is a handful!). Kain is a beautiful mottled turquoise color, measures 35" long, 10" high, has a 26" wingspan, and weighs a whopping 1.5 pounds- nearly half again as much as the other lap dragons! He may occasionally allow Andrea to carry him around at faires, where he sometimes tries to steal small children's food. (Again, he is a handful.)

Kain has beautiful orange-marbled Poppy colored eyes.



This complex (and very fierce!) dragon was ordered by a man a few years ago. I do not remember if he ever named the beast; I've just always thought of him as "Tiger." Tiger was requested to have a longer tail, features red snake-print wings, hand-applied black striping down his body, hand-antiqued horns and back ridges, and alternating orange and black spines down his backbone- black spines are on the black areas, and orange spines are on the orange areas.

Below: Tiger's beautiful handmade eyes, made similarly to the way I make our "opals" on the jewelry page. These beauties reflect a bright flash of yellow-gold in the light, then change to a deep fiery orange under normal lighting.


This little dragon is a more recent addition to the residents of TCD. He told us he would like to be called
Stormfeather, and has taken up residence on top of one of our bookshelves, where he can watch the activities.
He is approximately 12" tall, and has a 24" wingspan. His limbs are sewn into position, rather than being posted and positionable.


Information & Pricing Guidelines

     Shoulder dragons and Lap dragons are both handmade. Entirely. This means that each individual dragon requires anywhere from 45 to 60 hours of work from start to finish, depending on how elaborate and detailed the customer wants theirs.

     Either style of dragon is made up of many different materials. The body, ears, legs, horns (on the head of a Lap Dragon), and back ridges (on the LD) are usually made out of a printed cotton or cotton-mix fabric, the belly strip consists of a velveteen striped fabric or similar plain textured soft fabric. The small horns, back ridges, claws, eyelids, and facial spines on the shoulder dragons are made of paint, as are the claws, facial spines, and eyelids on the lap dragons. Their eyes are high-quality hand painted glass, and the beards (LD) are made of thin chenille yarn, wool, or any number of other items. Each dragon is weighted and stuffed- the shoulder dragons are strategically filled to stay balanced on your shoulder (they only weigh a few ounces), and the lap dragons are made a bit heftier (usually 1-1.5 lbs) to help them stand up. Both styles of dragons are available with either jointed limbs to make them poseable, or sewn limbs to make them stationary.

     Whichever dragon style you like, you have the opportunity to make your dragon one of a kind. You may to choose a body color or pattern, a secondary color for the belly, and even a third color for the undersides of the wings, if you'd like. We've got approximately 40 pairs of glass eyes to choose from, so whether you want eyes that match for camouflage, or brilliant eyes that stand out, you're sure to find just the pair. If you have your own idea in mind, we also offer custom-made eyes at no additional charge.

     Because both sizes of dragons are entirely handmade, and specially made to order, they require a bit of time to finish- our current wait is about three to four weeks from the time of order to the day a dragon is finished and ships out. Shoulder dragons are made from my own pattern, but also take a great deal of time to make due to their small size and complexity- there currently is only a three to four week waiting period for our stuffed dragons- the time it takes for them to be completed. One of these custom made gorgeous beauties can be yours for $250. WINTER SALE! We are currently offering our shoulder dragons for $150! Save one hundred dollars!

     Lap dragons, made by the original pattern maker (and not customized!) sell for upwards of $500 each. I felt, however, that I could do much better than that. I offer my customized lap dragons at $350 each. WINTER SALE! We are currently offering our lap dragons for $200 each! Save one hundred and fifty dollars!

     Both of these prices include the costs for all of the supplies necessary for your dragon- materials, strings, eyes, stuffing materials, paints, ext, but they DO NOT include shipping. Generally I ship insured Priority mail, and can give shipping estimates; simply email us with your zip code, country, and dragon size desired. Shipping within the continental US is about $10 for a shoulder dragon, or $15 for a lap dragon; these both include a delivery confirmation (tracking number) and insurance. We also offer payment plans- $50 a month for either size (5 months for a shoulder dragon, 7 months for a lap dragon), and we are also very flexible with this.

     If you may be interested in ordering either size dragon, please email us. Due to copyrights on the lap dragon, I can only make up to 5 per year. Shoulder dragons are from my own pattern, therefore production is not limited. We do require a $50 non-refundable deposit before I can begin work on your dragon. This covers the starting supply costs, and is subtracted from the total price of either size.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions regarding our scaled friends, or would like to be added to TCD's mailing list.


Copyright Andrea Brink Christian 2003-2012