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Latex Shoulder Dragons

Please Note: These latex dragons may have been discontinued by their manufacturer. We are waiting on confirmation of this, but currently do not have any dragons available. If you have one you would like repainted, we will be happy to help with this. We will update this page once we have dragons available.

We are proud to now offer these economical shoulder dragons to our customers!

Though their prices are wallet-friendly, these dragons are amazingly lifelike; you almost expect them to leap off your shoulder! Yellow-green cat eyes appear so realistic, and the details that went into the orginal moulds making ensures that each cast looks great.

Made of a hollow latex skin, these dragons are worn by simply placing them on your shoulder and wrapping their tail around your neck. Presto! For added security, just add a saftey pin, velcro strips, or magnets to them. Actual dragons you recieve may vary slightly from these pictured- we do our best to update this page with any changes the supplier makes.

Baby Shoulder Dragons

Baby Shoulder Dragons are more brown-toned than pictured here.

Cute, alert faces give these guys a mischievious air!

Baby shoulder dragons measure approximately 6" high and 22" long, nose to tail tip. They are a rich burgundy-brown color, have tan bellies and black "capes" down their back. $30 each (may slightly differ from picture). *Please note: recently the small shoulder dragons arriving from our supplier have had painted-on moulded eyes rather than removable plastic ones.*
**Can be customized; see below for details.**

Adult Shoulder Dragons

Adult Shoulder Dragons look more alert, wild, and ready to fight, than their younger counterparts.

*PLEASE NOTE: This size latex dragon is no longer in production at the manufacturers. We have managed to find one that we are offering to repaint and sell only as a Style 3 dragon. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this custom dragon.
 If you own one and would like to sell it, or would like it custom painted, please feel free to email us.

Adult shoulder dragons measure approximately 10" tall and 30" long, nose to tail. They are available in emerald green tones (above left), and earth brown tones (above right). Please note that we cannot guarantee color choice- if you would like your payment refunded if your choice color is not available, please let us know when you order, otherwise we will send you what is available! $59 each, may differ slightly from photos. Please specify color choice when ordering.
**Can be customized; see below for details.**

Custom Work

Want more options? Now you can pick your dragon style, eyes, and your favorite colors!
Simply choose any upgrades below, and add the prices to your base dragon cost.

Didn't buy your shoulder dragon through TCD?
That's okay! We'll be more than happy to make your dragon the color/type he always wanted to be. Just add up your upgrades below, and you have your total price.

Custom Painting

1. (Before) The Adult Shoulder Dragon I started out with (the same brown one pictured above). His eyes were removed to protect them from overspray- I hadn't decided yet if I wanted to keep the green cat eyes, or give him new ones. He's going to be my personal dragon, and will be based off of the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) style Chromatic Red Dragons.

2. (During) After he has his first coat of new paint, you can really see how detailed they are!

3. (During) Ahhh.. Now we're starting to get somewhere! He now has his ash-colored wing sail edges and a wash of black paint to bring out the scale details over the rest of the body.

4. (After) Finished! Now let's go see some closeups!

5. (After) His bone-colored chest plates. Later on I added some white over them to bring out the details even more.

6. (After) His wings again, still with his original eyes.

7. (After) All finished! He may be given custom-eyes at some point, but I haven't settled on a color yet.


8. (Before) A small shoulder dragon after his first coat of paint. While not strictly based off of author Anne McCaffrey's white dragon, Ruth, I liked the coloring she gives him in her books, and the fact that he reflects several other colors in his white hide. This was also a nice way to test out our new Interference Paints (see further below).

9. (After) A close up of the white dragon with three different pairs of eyes- one Emerald Isle "opal" style, one Peacock Blue "opal" style, and a banana yellow pair.

We offer three types of hand-painted refinishings for both sizes. Additional upgrades listed below.

Style 1: Stick to the Basics.
(Good for children's dragons who just want a splash of color.)
Your dragon's body will be painted one solid color (no shading or detail work). Horns, claws, and teeth (where applicable on either size) will be painted in your choice of a second color. (Similar to Picture 2 above)
$15 small dragons, $30 large dragons.

Style 2: Two Body Colors.
(Best deal for your money!)
Your dragon's body will be painted one color and the second will be used for shading, detail work, ext. (Either black and your color choice, or two complimentary colors are recommended). Horns, claws, and teeth (where applicable) will be painted in your choice of a third color. (Shown below on the blue dragon)
$25 small dragons, $50 large dragons.

Style 3: Go All Out!
(3+ body colors or complicated designs. Is shown on the finished Red Dragon below.)
Your dragon's body will be painted using three or more colors of paint. If you'd like a complicated design (stripes, leopard spots, lots of shading, ext), this is what to go for. Horns, teeth, and claws (where applicable) will be painted in your choice of a fourth color, and they will be shaded with a fifth color to show details. (See horns on Red Dragon's head.) If desired, you may choose one color of Interference Paint (below), for free, as one of your colors.
$40 small dragons, $100 large dragons- starting prices- please email us first, your idea could be differently priced.

Style 3: This customer mailed us her two dragons to be repainted. This first dragon was requested to have a
coppery-colored body (but not a shiny color of copper) with lots of black shading along the spine and wingbones.
Subtle flashes of green interference paint catch the light over his body. He features alligator style eyes
repainted over the molded-on eyes he was made with.

Style 3: This was the second dragon sent in to be repainted for the same customer.
This dragon has a black base, with three shades of blue drybrushed over it to give all his
wrinkles added depth and realism. His horns are painted a bone color, and he features
blue interference paint all over his body. He was given new eyes- black slit pupil ringed
with a thin line of bronze, with a light-catching gold iris. He was also reinforced inside
to help make him more sturdy and sit straighter.

Style 2: The green dragon was given a light coat of black as it's second color. (This dragon
shows a repainted version of the eyes that are moulded onto the dragon).

Style 2: This black dragon was given an all-over layer of blue Interference paint for its second color.

Style 2: This metallic copper dragon was given thin washes of
blue-green to bring out details and mimic antiquing.


Style 2: This Gold dragon was painted using metallic gold paint,
and given darker gold highlights to bring out details.

Style 3: This large dragon features red, orange, and black as their main body colors, and tan and black as their two horn colors.

Style 3: The smaller dragon features a red body with slight black shading, two-tone goldenrod
pattern running down it's back from head to tail, and bone-colored horns.

Interference Paints

What a treat these little gems are!

Interference Paints (IP) are a wonderful new type of paint that we can add as a finishing touch to your repainted dragon. They are hand-applied in thin coats to give a beautiful iridescent sheen to any raised surface of your dragon- scales, wing folds, horns, anything! They really make your dragon appear that much more lifelike- the effect is very similar to the shine fish have in their scales. We can apply it in small sections to highlight areas, or across the entire dragon; your choice. Colors can be layered for a blending effect, or placed together in patches to create a soft rainbow effect. They look great over light-colored paints (for a mother-of-pearl sheen, see below), and really show up over darker colored paints. Remember, they go on sheer- they are meant to enhance your dragon's body paint, not be the paint itself!

For an extra special dragon, go with themes:
*pick some blue and violet IP for an ocean dragon.
*choose red and orange IP for a fire dragon.
*go with a colorful mixture for a fairy dragon.

Colors Available:
($5 charge for each color, one free color included with Style 3 repaints)
*Ruby Red     *Sunset Orange     *Gold     *Field Green     *Ocean Blue     *Amethyst Violet     *Pearl White

Here is a photo showing the Amethyst, Gold, and Field Green Interference Paints over white body paint.

Custom Eyes

Make your dragon extra unique and exotic! We have over 40 pairs of high-quality, hand painted glass eyes available to choose from, and if you have something special in mind, we and are more than happy to make you a custom-painted pair- just email us with your idea. Pick a color to match your dragon for camouflage, or choose a contrasting one for variation. Keep in mind that we can rotate the eyes too- a slit or oval pupil can go horizontal (-) or vertical ( | ).
Slit Pupil Eyes- Good if you're wanting a more ferocious type of dragon. Slit eyes will lend a more aggressive, reptilian appearance to your beast.

Oval Pupil Eyes- Ovals are good for almost anyone. Less aggressive than the slit pupils, they show your dragon is alert, and ready to defend (or attack) if need be.

Round Pupil Eyes- These are great for younger dragons, and the more innocent types of dragons (cookie jar raiders?). Rounds are more human-like in appearance than the other types of eyes.

Teardrop Pupil Eyes- These little gems are perfect for those of you who want a truly unique animal. Generally, the point end of the pupil aims towards the back of the skull, and the round end points towards the muzzle. These are also great for female dragons, as they lend a more feminine appearance.

Eyes run $5-10 a pair, based on style and size.

Metallic Flame Series: Hand painted in metallic shades, these eyes are designed to be simple, yet stunning. They catch and gently reflect any light shining on them, giving them a wonderful depth and natural brilliance. Irises available in metallic red, white, green, blue, purple, bronze, gold, copper, or silver. Any pupil colors and styles available. Email us with your idea.

The Naturalist Series: Hand painted to to look more like natural bird, reptile, fish, and mammal eyes, these are meant to offer more possibilities to those of you who want to design your own eyes. Available in any colors and pupil styles you can think of. If you can describe your eye ideas adequately for us, we can probably make them! Email the DragonMistress with your ideas or questions.

Diamond Dust Series: Backed with clear irridescent glitter, these eyes sparkle with a fire much like natural opals. Lightly backing them allows more of the base color to shine through (bottom row), while a heavy backing dazzles while offering a hint of color. Both styles are absolutely beautiful in the sunlight! Any colors and pupil styles possible, email us your idea.

Please Note:
24K Eyes
- The eyes below marked with "24K" are backed with 24 Karat gold, and really shine under any light.

24K Red/Black Oval           Alligator Slit                       Poppy Slit  

Olive Round                    Wheat Oval                   Sable Oval  

24K Red/Black Slit                Blue Marlin             Red with Limbus Band

24K Gold Oval               Orange/Yellow Sunburst

Please Note: We still are in the process of scanning and posting all the eyes currently available to us. If you are looking for a color or design you don't see here, or want help picking something to match your dragon, just let us know, we might have something still waiting to be scanned, and will be happy to email you pictures.



Copyright Andrea Brink Christian 2003-2012