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Hand Tooled Leather Mugs

More Details, Styles, and Photos Coming Soon! We are working on making faux horns and antlers available as well!

We will soon be offering a new lining material on our mugs that will allow them to be used with iced cold
drinks and steaming hot drinks! With no funny pine tree taste and no fragile beeswax! More coming soon!

Dragon Skin Mug
These completely hand-tooled and hand-assembled mugs measure approximately 8" high (9" high to the top of the horn handle), and are about 3.75" across on the inside of the mug. Features over 1600 individually hand stamped scales, and "dragon horn" (springbok) handle. Mugs are not yet waterproofed on the inside (buyer gets to choose their preferred method of lining; beeswax or pine pitch), but I am approximating that these mugs will hold at least 30 ounces of liquid, probably closer to 32 ounces. Mug is shown next to a 26 ounce can of spahetti sauce to show size. Mugs are made to order, please allow approximately 3 weeks per mug for completion. $100. We will also be glad to make other custom designed mugs, just email us for a quote.




Main Leather Color
Color of border on leather




Leather Frogs


This is a simple way to keep your favorite mug handy at Faire when you're not using it. Slide your belt through one end, and the other end easily secures the handle of your mug. Ring & loop closure; button & loop closure coming soon. Mugs not included, please specify width of your belt when ordering.

Black Leather w/silver hardware or Brown Leather w/gold hardware:   $10

Custom Color Leather and choice of hardware:   $13

(Leather colors available: Blood Red, Rose Red, Orange (limited quantity left), Yellow Gold, Emerald Green, Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black)



Wooden Bowl & Leather Carrier


You have a Period, faire-appropriate stein or mug, so why use plastic bowls and utensils at faire when it ruins your Period look? We now offer this solution: a wood bowl with leather carrier. Bowls colors & styles will vary, leather colors available: black, medium brown, dark brown, blood red, rose red, orange, yellow gold, emerald green, dark blue, dark purple. Silver button and loop closure (button photos coming soon). Please specify width of your belt when ordering. *Free wood spoon included while supplies last*

Wooden Bowl & Leather Holder:   $35

*People with allergies to coconut should not use these wooden spoons as they are made from coconut wood and may pose an allergy danger.




Custom-Designed Leather Vambraces


Each pair is custom made to fit you! Constructed of heavy grade leather, solid rivets and buckles, we are offering these bracers in three styles at great prices. Sold per pair (unless you only have one arm, in which case we can work with you!). Option to add rabbit-skin lining below.

  • Simple Vambraces: no tooling, dyed any single color, band of secondary border color optional
  • Tooled Vambraces: simple tooling, band of border color optional, no color limit
  • The King's Vambraces: (Shown above) elaborate tooling, band of border color optional, no color limit

Styles Available
Your email to discuss design:

Add natural-colored rabbit skin or vibrant dyed rabbit skin inner lining to any style vambraces above! Please email us for dyed color availability, or specify color preffered.

Fur Colors Available
Other dyed color preferred:



Leather Rune Set

Rune Casting Set
Twenty six individually cut and stamped leather Elder Futhark runes for casting (one each from A-Z). Made from durable, heavyweight veg-tanned leather, each rune measures approximately 1.25" square, will arrive in a simple, sheer fabric bag for safekeeping, and comes with an English/Rune translation sheet for ease of use. Goes great in the leather pouch below!
Natural leather set $12
Dyed leather set $15.
Shown Above: Add metallic coloring to dyed rune lines +$3.

Transparent Leather Dye Colors Available:
Dark Blood Red, Rose Red, Pumpkin Orange (very limited amount left), Rich Yellow, Forest Green, Medium Earth Brown, Dark Earth Brown, Natural Tan (slight yellow tint), Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Midnight Black. We can also mix dye colors to produce new shades.

Styles Available
Leather Color (for dyed sets)
Line Coloring ($18 set only)




Handmade Leather Ornaments

Our ornaments are all 100% handmade and make great personalized gifts! Many custom designs can be made upon request. (Great gift ideas include monogrammed initials for each family member, nature shapes, stars, dragons, ext). How great would it be to have your own themed tree?! Copper, silver, or gold leaf effects can be added!

TheCopperDragon's logo as an ornament! These measure approximately 2.5" tall by 2" wide, and feature Copper Leaf accents. Backside is solid green. $15 per ornament.

Many of our cloak clasp designs (shown below) can also be made as ornaments!



Leather Cloak & Cape Clasps

All of our cloak & cape clasps are individually handmade from durable, heavy, 7-8 oz. leather which is carefully hand cut, branded, and dyed, stained, or painted. Wire hooks and closures. We'll be offering a variety of natural looking leaf designs, and will be adding an assortment of more designs in the near future!
Of course, you are always welcome to email us about a custom design. We never charge extra to make custom items, and we'll be happy to give you an estimate.

Traditional-Style Hinge Clasps

Our Hinged Clasps are the style most people are used to seeing. One half of the clasp is sewn to each side of the cloak or cape opening under the neckline. Simply loop the hooked end of the clasp wire through the round wire on the other piece to close.

Fleur-de-lis Set: Approximately 3" high and 2.5" wide per piece. This set was painted a deep, metallic purple, and the inner area of the fleur was painted a pale metallic amethyst color- light catches the paint and plays off of it beautifully. Edges were branded for a clean, even look. This set was commissioned for a bridal cloak, but would look lovely for any princess or queen's cape.
$40 a set- each pair is made to order. We can also make a set in your choice of colors, at no extra charge.

Above: Oak Leaves: Approximately 5" long and 3" wide per leaf. This set was dyed a rich, earthy brown, and the edges were left ragged for a rustic, well-worn look. These leaf styles are perfect for many guises- a peasant, a Greenman, fairy or elf- the possibilities are amazing.

Styles Available
Leather Color

Below: Oak Leaves: Approximately 5" long and 3.5" wide per leaf. This set was dyed a rich, vivid green, and the leaf veins were dyed a little darker to stand out. $35 a set- each pair is made to order. We can also make in your choice of colors and/or leaf shape.

Single-Style Hinge Clasps

Our Single Style Hinged Clasps are a new idea here at TCD. There is only one leather piece, and half of it is sewn down to one side of your cape. A small metal ring is sewn to the other side of your cape. When closed, no fixtures show from the front. By having one piece of leather instead of two, a larger, more complex image is possible. This style is also good for those who want a more complex design, but don't want the costs of a Traditional clasp.

Rampart Unicorn: A gorgeous, ready-to-go piece! Approximately 4" high and 4" wide, this piece took over 6 hours of work start to finish. The design was painstakingly hand-burned into the leather (no hot-stamps used here!), then carefully hand painted in pure white, a beautiful slightly metallic amethyst purple, and lastly metallic gold and silver foil highlights were added to the horn and hooves. (The highlights don't photograph well- they're exquisite in person!) An exquisite piece that is perfect for a wedding cape, the Queen's finery at a Renaissance faire, or for a truly unique Halloween costume.

Custom colors wanted:

Ivy Leaves: The whole piece measures approximately 4" long and 4" wide overall. This set was dyed a vibrant green, and the borders were left a natural fleshtone color, and branded pointalism style. As with the Oak leaf set (above), these leaf styles are perfect for many guises- a peasant, a Greenman, fairy or elf- the possibilities are amazing.
$40- each piece is made to order.

Barn Owl in Flight: A superb example of how you can get a more complex design by using a Single-style clasp. This is a wonderful set of three single-piece clasps I made to go down the front of my handmade green-and-tan mottled deerskin leather cape I'd finished earlier in the year. I decided not to add more feather details to the owl because some barn owls don't have those darker markings (I'd originally planned black barred lines on the undersides of the wings). Approximately 1/4" of leather was left around each hand-woodburned shape, and then dyed a solid green color to match the cape. As with our other Single-style clasps, no closing fixtures are visible from the front! Largest piece (owl clasp) measures approximately 10" wide, and about 4" tall. The smaller feathers measure approximately 2" x 3". This clasp set and cape is in my private collection, and is not for sale. (But remember you can always request a custom piece/set! Also feel free to inquire about custom made capes!)

Transparent Leather Dye Colors Available

    Dark Blood Red
    Rose Red
    Pumpkin Orange
    Forest Green
    Medium Earth Brown
    Dark Earth Brown
    Natural Tan (slight yellow tint)
    Midnight Black
    We can also mix dye colors to produce new shades.

Opaque Leather Paint Colors Available

    We have 100+ colors available to us, and we can mix nearly any other color you desire. (Most colors available in Light, Dark, Metallic, or Bright/Vivid.) Feel free to send us material swatches to match if needed.

Other Design Ideas

We're still listing photos and designs, but here are a few ideas to tide you over for now. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about design availability, or custom orders.

    Celtic Designs: Simple and Elaborate Knots, Shamrocks, Claddaghs, ext.
    Other Leaf Designs: Maple, Oak, Birch, Osage-Orange, Ivy, ext.
    Other Nature Designs: Flowers, Animals, ext.
    Celestial: Moon, Sun, and Stars.
    Mideval: Fleur-de-lis, English Roses (red or white), Shields, Lions, ext.
    Lunar Cycle: A set of clasps made to run down the front of a cloak or cape. Includes the New moon, The Full moon, and the rest each set are made of Waning and Waxing moons. Available as a set of four, five, seven, or nine.
    Nautical/Pirate Designs: Skull-and-crossbones, Ship's Wheel, Compass Rose.

    General Price Guidelines

    Please feel free to email us to see which category your custom design falls into, and we will be happy to send you a quote. Design prices will vary due to size and complexity, and may be higher or lower than exaples listed below.

        Simple Design Single Clasp: $20
        Simple Design Double Clasp: $35
        Intermediate Design Single Clasp: $30
        Intermediate Design Double Clasp: $50
        Complex Design Single Clasp: $40 and up
        Complex Design Double Clasp: $70 and up


      Copyright Andrea Brink Christian 2003-2012