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Moving Shoulder Dragons!

TCD is proud to announce the birth of our new dragons!

These guys are truly enchanting- each features a unique cabling system that allows you to control their head movement (up, down, left, and right) while your hands remain at your side- no one knows you're controlling the fascinating creature on your shoulder! Children and adults alike are AMAZED by them- you'll be the highlight of the show, Faire, or party!

As with all of our dragons, each and every one is handmade- they are hand-sculpted, hand-painted, and hand-assembled- NO MOULDS are ever used! And since each dragon is made to order, you get to pick your favorite eyes, fur type and color, wings- everything! Remember we never charge our customers extra to make them something custom, so if you have something different in mind, don't hesitate to ask!**

Every dragon comes with a signed and dated Birth Certificate.

**NOW AVAILABLE: Clear iridescent or opaque leather-style Butterfly and Fairy wings for your dragon!**

Now take a peek at the Dragon Mistress's new baby boy...

This is Zeejian. He measures approximately 18" long from nose to tailtip, and he sits approximately 7" high on my shoulder.

Zeejian is a very special, super-custom dragon; he features handmade azure blue eyes with a black slit pupil. The paint used on his eyes are special too- it's slightly metallic, so the eyes really show depth when light hits them, and they seem to follow you as you move past him. He was also made to have a mowhawk of sorts.

Z's wings are special too- they're handmade of a soft, durable leather, and are handpainted with over 4 washes (layers) of paint. Each wing has four separate wires built in to make the wings individually positionable. Leave them up, at rest, or spread them open for flight! We have many wing options to choose from!

We specially picked the fur that would be used on Z. He features two colors of soft, genuine rabbit fur (salt-&-pepper, and snow white), and his mane and tail are made of soft ringtail cat fur (a lemur-like animal, not a cat, and not a raccoon!). We have other styles available- including faux fur.

As Zeejian is a tiger-dragon cross, he sports shiney, translucent fleshtone claws. The magnet system makes sure he's securely attatched- one magnet is hidden beneath his claws, the other under his chest.

Now let's see the options for your dragon!


Basic Dragon: $150

Perfect for those who want a simple companion.
*Choose any one color for your dragon's body (arms, legs, and face). Please be specific so we can get your exact shade- "lime green," not "green."
*Choose any one iris color, any one pupil color and style (slit, round, horizontal oval, vertical oval, horizontal rectangle, or vertical rectangle).
*Choose one body fur: Genuine Rabbit Fur: Solid White, Black-Gray, Salt-&-Pepper, Brown (colors will vary from honey to tan to chocolate brown), and Spotted (white with black spots, white with brown spots).
*Choose one tail fur from the above body fur list. (This will be used for your mohawk-mane as well, if you want one). You may choose a different color/types from the body fur.
*Choose your wing style: Genuine Leather Wings: Choose up to any two colors for us to paint your wings (simple shading only- such as shown on Zeejian- no complex patterns), OR pick Feathered Wings: Brown/Almond Short Pheasant feathers, Longer Dyed Chicken feathers (choose one color: red, orange, bright yellow, green, royal blue, dark purple, black, or white), or Medium Length Guinea Feathers (black with white round dots).
*Other Stuff We Need to Know: To make your dragon, we need to know which shoulder you want him to sit on. (If you're right handed, you want to control the cable with your right hand, so we recommend sitting him on your left shoulder. If your left handed, sit him on your right shoulder.)

Complex Dragon: $200

More options for those who want a showy friend!
*Choose up to any three colors for your body (arms, legs, and face). Please be specific with your colors ("lime green" not "green"). OR choose a theme- fire, ocean, leopard, ext, and we'll pick your colors). You also get the choice of smooth skin, or scale-imprint on the clay.
*You get to choose a pupil style (round, slit, horizontal or vertical oval, horizontal or vertical rectangle), any one pupil color, and up to any three iris colors. (Great if you want one color eye, and veins in a second color, ext). We can also make faux dichronic glass eyes, for more of a fantasy look!
*Choose one body fur: Genuine Rabbit Fur: Natural Colors: Snow White, Black (ask for dyed black if you want a richer color), Gray (will vary- dark or light), Salt-&-pepper ticked, Brown [will vary from tan to honey brown to dark brown, please specify if you want a certain shade), Spotted (colors will vary- black spots on white or brown spots on white, specify your choice). We also offer Dyed Colors: Vivid Red, Dark Burgundy, Bright Fushia Pink, Pale/Medium Pink, Peach-Pink, Honey Gold (pale yellow-tan), Kelly Green, Forest Green, Pale Baby Blue, Medium/Bright Blue, Dark Royal Blue, Medium Purple, Copper-Rust, Dyed Midnight Black, Leopard Print (caramel and black colored spots on white), Bobcat Print rabbit fur (darker brown & black spots on white), Cheetah print rabbit fur (darker spotted fur), Tiger Striped rabbit fur (orange with black stripes), and Zebra Striped (Black Striped White fur).
*Choose one tail fur: (If you wanted a mohawk/mane on your dragon, this fur will be used for that as well as the tail.) You have the same choices available as the body fur (you can choose a different color/style for the tail), OR we also have: Ringtail cat fur (as shown on Zeejian), and dyed mink tails in assorted colors (Sapphire [Med. Gray], Neon Lime Green, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Pink, Red, Sage, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Neon Orange, Amethyst Purple, Rust, Lavender, Coral, Sun Yellow, Turquoise, and Mahogany. If you'd like to see color samples, feel free to email us with your colors/fur types and we'll send you photos.
*Choose your wing style: Genuine Leather Wings: Dragon/Bat Style: Choose up to any three colors for us to paint your wings (simple shading OR complex patterns), OR Butterfly Wings: Choose up to any three colors for us to paint your wings (simple shading or complex designs/butterfly species-please have photo ready), OR pick Feathered Wings: choose any one for a solid wing, or mix and match any two: Brown/Almond Short Pheasant feathers, Longer Dyed Chicken feathers (bright pink, red, orange, bright yellow, green, royal blue, dark purple, black, white, white/tan/black mixed package, or baby pink/baby blue/white/fuchsia/coral mixed package), Guinea Feathers (black with white round dots), Mixed Dyed Guinea Feathers (black with brightly colored round dots), Lady Amherst pheasant feathers (rounded white feathers with a black top edge), Long Skinny White Chicken Feathers, Long Skinny Black Chicken Feathers, Long Skinny "Furnace" Chicken Feathers (Red/Gold/Brown/Black mottled colors).
*Special Orders: If you'd like us to use a special color or type of fur, leather, or feathers not listed here, feel free to email us, we may be able to special order them for you. (Some charges may apply)
*Other Stuff We Need to Know: To make your dragon, we need to know which shoulder you want him to sit on. (If you're right handed, you want to control the cable with your right hand, so we recommend sitting him on your left shoulder. If you're left handed, sit him on your right shoulder.)


Have you gone to many faires lately? Have you seen some of the shoulder dragons available out there? Not all of them are pretty, let me tell you!
*Most shoulder puppets are mass-produced, so they are moulded and assembled as quickly as possible, resulting in a very shoddy, "store-bought" look. OUR DRAGONS ARE ALL SCULPTED, PAINTED, AND ASSEMBLED BY HAND.
*Some of the dragons out there have locked limbs; they are moulded in one piece that appears to be fused together. They arms and legs are not separately poseable, giving the animal a very stiff, unnatural look. Some dragons have their tail made around the cable used to control the heads- this either forces you to stuff the dragon's tail down the back of your shirt (while attempting to hide the cable), making your dragon appear tail-less, or your dragon's tail bows out unnaturally because it is attached to the cable. Our dragon's tails remain separate from the cable, giving them realistic movement as you walk. Unless you specifically ask otherwise, we prefer to stick to our "Nature tried and true" designs- OUR DRAGONS ARE MORE LIFELIKE.
*Some of the "other" puppets have a different cable system to move the heads, and as a result, do not have very sturdy necks. (I've actually walked behind several different faire-goers who had a dragon on their shoulder that bobbled with every step the person took. Other dragons were doing a weird 360-degree head turn like an owl [ever see the Exorcism movie?]. Both problems completely ruined the look of a lifelike, realistic animal). OUR DRAGONS ARE EASY TO USE, YET OFFER REALISTIC MOVEMENT.
*Some of the other winged puppets don't actually have wings- they have a pouf of feathers exploding from their backs. How many birds do you see flying around that just have a ball of fluff for wings? None! And the dragons that have bat-style wings? They're often made of unlined, craft-grade felt or material. (Do you know how cheap and unrealistic that looks? Again, do you want people to think your dragon was mass-produced in a factory, or hatched from a shell?) Whether they're bat wings, bird wings, or butterfly wings, OUR DRAGONS HAVE REALISTIC WINGS.
*And lastly, why on earth would you want to pay $150 for a simple shoulder dragon that several hundred other people have? Want to pay upwards of $250+ for a large dragon that has been reproduced over and over? OUR PRICES ARE COMPETATIVE, AND YOU GET A HANDMADE, UNIQUE DRAGON!
So why do we go through all the hassle of hand-sculpting, painting, and finishing every dragon? Simple- we LOVE dragons! We know each and every item made at TCD is a unique piece of art, and as such, will be cherished for years to come.


If you are interested in a dragon, but don't have any idea as to what you want, please email us! We'll be happy to help you come up with a fun and unique dragon just for you!

OR take a peek at a few ideas we'd love to make!:
*Ocean Dragon: She swims in the depths of the oceans, exploring its mysteries. Body shades in metallic royal blue, emerald green, and just a hint of purple. We could use blue and gold macaw feathers for her wings (some extra charges may apply), and a royal blue mink tail for her tail, and custom-dyed royal blue faux rabbit fur for the body. Eyes would look terrific with a sparkly pair of TCD's Peacock faux Opals.
*Fire Dragon: Brilliant as the sun itself, this unique dragon could rival the phoenix! Start with a scale-print body painted a rich golden-yellow, then go back and paint an orange and red "fire" stripe down each limb and face. Use custom-dyed orange faux rabbit fur on the body, and "furnace" colored chicken feathers on the wings. Give him a neon orange tail and mohawk for a bit of flair. Custom made red-veined, orange eyes with a black-slit pupil would match nicely.
*Wood Dragon: He is perhaps the consort of the Faery people, or the Green Man himself? This dragon's arms, face, and legs would be painted a nice wood brown, then given a bit of mottling to help hide him in the shadows. Dark brown-black mottled rabbit fur would cover his body nicely, and brown and almond colored pheasant-feather wings would look great. A beautiful pair of 24k gold-backed eyes would really make him come alive!
*Wild Cat Dragon: A swift beast who stalks the forests and plains, there is no prey that can outrun him! Start with a scale-imprinted golden body color on the dragon, then give him leopard spots made with clusters of scales. Use the leopard print rabbit fur to make him more exotic looking, and stick to plain leather wings- painted perhaps in a nice tawny brown, or spotted like his body. Use matching leopard-print rabbit fur for his tail. 24k gold-backed eyes would also look lovely with him, or for something different, do a darker red-brown to match the real big cats.
*Butterfly Dragon: She loves to spend her time fluttering among the flowerbeds. Start by picking your favorite butterfly or moth (we'll use a green Luna moth for example). Give her leather wings painted in the colors and shape of your butterfly (pale mint green with a large eye at the bottom), and match her arms, legs, and face to that main green color. Give her pale brown body fur (as Luna moths' bodies are actually a fuzzy tan shade), and a matching tail. We could add two small wire-and-leather antenna if desired. Give her some sparkly eyes, perhaps a nice yellow shade.

**Customers may be charged extra for special items not included in our pricing, which may include (but is not limited to); special ordered feathers (macaw, pheasant, peacock, ext), special ordered fur or faux fur, special ordered eyes (only those not made here at TCD), ext. Customers wanting a non-dragon style puppet may be charged an additional small fee due to complexity of sculpting required.



Some of TCD's Puppet Creations..


Evil Black Dragon

Born October 2009, this mean little guy actually was named one of those spectacularly long
(and difficult to pronounce) black dragon names, but I've forgotten what it was. He is scaled head-to-toe
where visible, features midnight black rabbit and mink fur, and has red, baleful eyes.


Below: His wings are scarred, and have teeth and claw holes from fighting other dragons.
His new keeper is going to have quite a hard time trying to keep him from fighting more.



Born July 6, 2009, this guy was inspired by a Bengal tiger.  He was requested to be similar to Zeejian, have scale-imprinted orange skin
with tiger stripes, and the undersides of his limbs, chin, and eyespots were to be white like a real tiger. He features
bone-colored claws and metallic gold eyes rimmed in black. His name was given to honor his new family's Norse ancestors.

Unnamed Dragon (nicknamed Mo here at TCD)

 Born March 2nd, 2009, "Mo" is short for Mohawk. Everyone seems to love Zeejian, with his funny little 'do, and Mo was made
with Zeejian in mind, along with the jewels inspired by Vasuki (below).  Her body is silvertone and she features aqua wingbones and blue eyes.


Chameleon was made with, what else, a chameleon in mind. He features a ring-tail cat mane
and tail (like Zeejian), brown rabbit fur, and white-rimmed tan leather wings.


Shown here next to his little brother, Spike, Evet was born October 22, 2006.
Meticulously sculpted after a juvenile Spectacled Flying Fox bat, Evet is life size.
Andrea gave this newest (and biggest!) addition to her nursery his own page!
Click here to read about him and see more photos.
*Due to the complexity of sculpting/furring required, we are not currently offering this size bat puppet for sale.
Evet himself is in Andrea's/TCD's private collection and is not for sale.*



Born December 22, 2006. His new family named this little guy Spike, but we knew
this little boy as "Baby" because of his cute, tiny body and wide, alert amber-brown eyes.
He measures approximately 7" long nose to toe tips, and his wingspan measures approximately 9"
as shown. His positionable wings are made of genuine brown-black deerskin leather, and
feature two tiny magnets on the undersides to help him hold onto his human. He features a
soft brown-gray rabbit fur body, and his hair is a little wild from his flying lessons. (He still needs a little practice.)
*Customers wanting a non-dragon style puppet may be charged an additional small fee due to complexity of sculpting required.*


Born December 21, 2006, and is the sibling to Spiro. Foxfire is a beautiful blend of iridescent blues
and greens, combined with a rich brown tone. The "bones" of his real leather wings are a soft
chocolate brown, the sails are a matching brown edged in deep blue, and they shimmer green when
the light strikes them. Foxfire features pale metallic blue eyes.



Born December 21, 2006, Spiro is the sibling to Foxfire. Spiro features pitch-black rabbit fur
and iridescent blue tones through the body. He features genuine leather wings and he has golden eyes.



Born August 9, 2006. Vasuki is an ocean dragon! His brilliant blues, greens, and hints of other colors remind us
of one of our favorite types of shells (in fact, here at TCD, we lovingly nicknamed him "Pua"). Vasuki's eyes are a
deep blue with gold dust sparks set through them, to sparkle like the setting sun on the surface of the water.
He also features two tiny crystals by his eyes.

Vasuki features soft, genuine rabbit fur dyed a dark blue, slightly metallic blue body paint, and
the ends of his limbs and nose are brushed with a soft touch of green.

Under low lighting conditions, Vasuki's iridescent wings shimmer with a blue-green hue,
but when light hits them, they come alive with flashes of pink, purple, and even a little yellow.
When the light shines through them, Vasuki's wings glow a purplely-red rainbow.
The wing bones in his wings were gold-leaf foiled using an emerald and cobalt blue,
with a touch of deep purple. Three tiny pale blue and pale green aurora-borealis finished
crystals sparkle beneath each bone segment.



Born August 2, 2006. Ryu means "dragon" in Japanese. Ryu features brilliant blue rabbit fur, a blue
scale-imprinted body, and blue leather wings with gold foil placed to highlight the bones. Ryu also features
a pair of TCD's handpainted yellow irised, black oval-slit pupil bobcat eyes. This design, which has a very fine "eyelash"
fringe around the pupil, is exceedingly hard to paint, but look gorgeous against the blue!



Quicksilver features metallic silver-leafed wing bones that stand out like lightning against his black, genuine leather wings. Dyed, pitch-black rabbit fur gives a striking contrast to his dark metallic blue, scale-patterned body. Gold, handpainted eyes reflect back any light in the room, and they seem to watch you as he turns his head to follow your every move. Quicksilver was born on May 23rd, 2006.



Seemingly born right out of the wintery weather, Eldoth is a Frost dragon, and sports downy soft,
white rabbit fur. She is a small-sized dragon, but has a few extras added for sparkle, and was
sculpted, by request, without a cable system. While her head doesn't move, she does look coyly
 at you from atop her shoulder perch. Her tail is also poseable, and she'll sometimes use that to
hang onto nearby objects for better balance and stability.

Eldoth- particularly her face- was carefully sculpted after a concept sketch I had drawn
and sent to her new family for approval. She's surpassed the sketch by a million miles- I was so
pleased with how she turned out that I wanted to keep her for myself. (But alas, she had a family
waiting!) Her face and limbs have a soft touch of pale blue and purple Interference paints
for an iridescent mother-of-pearl sheen. She also boasts a pair of TCD's handmade eyes-
a feminine teardrop shaped black pupil, surrounded by a soft pale blue iris.
Like Zeejian's eyes, they reflect light with an amazing depth.

The outer edges of Eldoth's white, genuine leather wings were brushed a pale blue, then painted with tiny white
snowflakes. So she can sparkle like newly fallen snow, glitter and tiny aurora-borealis crystals were added.

Coming Soon: Pictures of Frostbite! Born Dec. 19, 2005

Update: Shortly after her arrival at her new home, Frostbite had an unfortunate incounter with the family dog, and is
undergoing intensinve reconstructive surgery. Photos during and after will be posted soon.

The Birth of a Nightmare/Thestrel*..

Just born on November 18th, 2005 (in time to go watch the new Harry Potter movie of course!), we'd like to introduce to you a new creature..

Here he is! While we know black doesn't photograph very well, and that our photos
don't do him justice, we hope that they're good enough to show everybody! We are still
waiting  to hear his name from the new parents, so for now, he's unnamed.

He is modeled after a Thestrel or a Nightmare- that is, a fierce, winged type of horse.
They have very sharp teeth, are very spirited and mean, and are ravenous carnivores.
They can fly fast and far, and are uncatchable- anyone wishing to "own" such a beast
can not tame
it, they can only try to harness its' wild energy and hope they don't loose a few fingers in the process.

Like our dragons, he is also completely hand-sculpted and assembled. Luxurious black mink
fur line his belly and tail, and the rest of his body is covered in a soft, downy black rabbit fur.
The bottom of his feet end in hooves just like a real horse, and his eyes were specifically made to
reflect the wild madness of his species- they have a milky white pupil and are surrounded by a black iris.

*This Thestrel was made in the larger size of shoulder dragon, was a special order, and some
extra costs were required due to the complexity of the sculpting.

The Birth of Pheasant Wing

Just born on December 1st, 2005, we'd like to introduce to you a new dragon..

Our newest little guy! Pheasant Wing was made after, you guessed it, a pheasant. We tried to lend him the same rich browns, tans, blacks, and iridescent greens and blues that brown pheasants sport. As with all of our dragons, he is completely hand sculpted, painted, and assembled.

PW has deep piled fur, to help keep him warm in the High Reaches of his new home in Minnesota! His fur is a naturally
ticked tan/brown/black colored rabbit fur, and his limbs and face are a chocolate brown with soft black shadowing.

PW's wings are made of soft brown leather with four wire supports in each. We carefully gave the
edges a bit of color with iridescent green and blue Interference paints. Photos of this light-shimmering
paint are very hard to capture, and our pictures don't do him justice- in person he's gorgeous!


Copyright Andrea Brink Christian 2003-2012