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Some kind words our past customers have had to say about our products...

I wanted to let you know I received my order safe and sound. It's beautiful! Thank you so much!! It will be just as special a gift as I had hoped!!
-Hollie, Snowy Owl Feather Pen

"WOW, the package arrived today and I picked it up from the Post Office. WOW, what can I say? It looks fantastic, I called my wife’s friend and told her it’s here and her daughter got so exited they drove out to the property to collect it. (It’s a 45 minute drive each way for them.)
She absolutely loves it she has not stopped talking about it for an hour…OMG. Thank you so much for all your effort to make such a beautiful gift.
All the best."
-Adam, Australia, custom LOTM pen & Brass Inkwell

"I wanted a pen way back in July and I did get a hyacinth Mccaw pen [elsewhere] but I happened to stumble upon your site after wards and was sorely upset that I already had one. But then we redid my room and it mysteriously dissapeared (no joke and by no fault of mine) and I never found it.  So I came here and I got the one I wanted after all... This was just a random letter and I just thought I'd thank you from the bottom of my heart so.....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         
           P.S: Your work is the most amazing stuff I've ever seen done in regard to your feather pens as well as your puppets. Just thought I'd tell you. ;)
-Nicole, Green 'Hyacinth Dragon' pen

"Hello! Eldoth has arrived and I think she is absolutley gorgeous! :-D I really couldn't have asked for more, thank you sooooooooo much! Her fur feels so soft and her wings are fantastic. Thanks again - you're a star," -Geraint, UK, Eldoth a furry moving dragon

"They arrived today! They are fantastic! Perfect for the cape and the occassion. I love them." -Diane, set of purple fleur-de-lis cape clasps

"The package arrived on time, and both items were safe. The detail you put into the quill is amazing. I love everything about it from the shaping of the 'fronds' to the hand-painted Labyrinth and emblem upon the feather itself. The work you put into it is very detailed, and truly amazing. The quill writes really well. The pendant was a complete surprise, and is very nicely made. I thank you for sending the gift to me. I really enjoy your work, and hope to see your work prosper. Thank you very much." -Jareth, England, Labyrinth quill pen and pendant

"I received the feather quill pen this morning and am really pleased with it - it's just gorgeous! I should think my nephew will be thrilled with it. Thanks very much, I will contact you again when I'm ready to order another!" -Patricia, UK, Autumn Pheasant pen and decorated ink bottles

"Andrea, he was a big hit with the kids as well as the adults! I broke into my spiel about how he's a miniature woodland dragon and needs his fur to stay warm in the cold north we live in. And when asked where I got him.. I said he arrived Friday from the breeder in Virginia! The assistant principal fell in love with him and said she has to have one of her own! Thanks so much!" -Becky, Pheasant Wing, a custom made, moving furry bodice dragon

"She is BEAUTIFUL! I love her! And she is gorgeous in the light, especially her eyes. Thank you VERY much," "Strider", new owner of Sheridan Baby Latex Dragon, repainted sapphire blue, with custom eyes

"Andrea, Thank you! The dragon arrived yesterday. The eyes are excellent! Thank you for your extra efforts. This is such a darling little dragon I am sure my daughter will love it. Thank you again and best wishes with your unique business." -Marion, Baby Latex Dragon with custom eyes

"Andrea, We received the dragon on Sat. afternoon! Thank you so much for your attention and great customer service. Nathan was absolutely delighted! The cutest was to see a 9 year old guy sleep with his dragon on Saturday night! His brain was clicking all day Sunday about his strategy to introduce dragon to his friends. What a treat! We are hoping to get him another in the near future! Thanks again!"
-Linda, Baby Latex Dragon, repainted opal white, with custom eyes.



Thank you to all of our customers!
Your support keeps us going!

~Andrea Brink


Copyright Andrea Brink Christian 2003-2012